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The following Core Christian Values are a reflection of the purpose and mission of Primera Baptist Church. The Biblical foundation for these Core Christian Values comes primarily from two passages of scripture, the Great Commandment, Matthew 22:37-40 and the Great Commission, Matthew 28:18-20.


Core Christian Value 1: Worship – Glorifying God in all we do!

Worship involves seeking intimacy with the Almighty.  We believe that worship is a vital part of a Christian’s life and is what we were ultimately created for.  Therefore, we believe that worship is more than gathering together to sing songs of praise to our Lord.  While we do believe that corporate worship is important, we believe that every believer needs to spend a daily quiet time with God in personal worship.  A quiet time consists of uninterrupted studying God’s word, prayer, or just being silent before our God.  We believe that worship is evident in every aspect of a Christian’s life, a life in which believers live to glorify God in all that they do. 


Core Christian Value 2: Evangelism – Passionately sharing the gospel!

We believe that sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ is a privilege in which all believers are called to participate.  Church facilities and programs do not reach people.  People reach people.  That is why we believe that effective evangelism includes the following traits:

1.    Evangelism is to be personal.  That means that every believer is called by God to share their faith with others.

2.    Evangelism is to be intentional.  This means that believers should intentionally seek opportunities to share their faith.  This requires believers to be focused and passionate about seeing others come to faith in Christ.

3.    Evangelism is relational.  We are to share our faith in Christ along the lines of the relationships.

It is therefore one of our commitments to train believers to effectively share their faith.


Core Christian Value 3: Discipleship – Teaching them to obey!

As a church we believe it is our responsibility to help develop believers to spiritual maturity.  We believe that discipleship is the process equipping believers to become more like Christ in their thoughts, feelings, and actions.  This is accomplished through classes and Bible studies which teach Christian Principles, spiritual gift assessment, and ministry training. Discipleship is further fulfilled by providing believers with opportunities for service.


Core Christian Value 4: Fellowship – We strengthen one another through caring relationships!

We believe that fellowship involves membership.  We become members of the body of Christ through salvation.  We believe we are identified in this membership through the act of baptism.  While we believe that membership in the Church (the Body of Christ) is most important, we also believe that Christians are to become members in the local church.  The local church is a body of baptized believers that have joined together in a covenant of faith, for the sake of accomplishing God’s purposes on earth.  It also serves to strengthen, equip, edify, encourage and serve believers through caring relationships.


Core Christian Value 5: Ministry – We expect each member to join us in ministering through their Spiritual Gifts and giving of their resources!

We believe that every believer is called to minister, (serve). We believe that ministry involves helping to meet Spiritual as well as Physical needs.  At Primera Baptist Church, it is important that every member find a place to use their Spiritual Gifts, talents, and resources to benefit the body of Christ through ministering.  Remember that church membership equals ministry, (service).


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