Faith & Grace

Introduction: Where do you put your faith, or where does you faith lie?

Discussion: Each time we start our day we start out by placing our faith in a man made object such as an alarm clock. We sleep and rest the entire night and put our trust in a little object that shines a light with a running numerical time calculation, the alarm clock. We trust this devise and what it can do. It will wake us up at a set appointed time. We put our jobs and appointments on the line each day. What are other thing we have faith in that they will work when needed? Lights, fans, air conditioning, heaters, electric razors, coffee pots and so on and so on. We put these objects to the test each day without hesitation, believing that they will all work and give us an expected outcome.

Can we trust in something we can not see? Faith - not knowing... unable to understand, trusting in what you can not see. Are you willing to put your trust in another person, what about someone you don't know? What will cause you to trust some one? (discussion)

Faith in Jesus Christ is God's requirement for receiving his free gift of salvation. Faith is what we believe about Christ and our heart's response of trust that causes us to follow him as Lord and Savior.
(cf. Mat.4:19; 16:24; Lk 9:23-25; Jn.10:4, 27; 12:26; Rev 14:4)
The new testament conception of Faith includes four main elements.

1.) Faith means firmly believing and trusting in the crucified and risen Christ as our personal Lord and Savior.

2.) Faith involves repentance.

3.) Faith includes obedience.

4.) Faith includes a heartfelt personal devotion and attachment to Jesus Christ.

(see Ro. 1:17) (Read) by faith from first to last. The righteous person continues to live by faith, and in so doing grows from one level of maturity to another. In this way the believer progresses along the path of righteousness to live a rich and full spiritual life. Ro. 8:12-15.

By Faith - Read Hebrews 11.
By Faith - Read Romans 10:4-13.

Conclusion: For we walk by faith, and not by sight 2 Cor. 5:7
We must look at God as a heavenly Father, there is nothing that he would not do for the righteous children who trust and put their faith into his hand.

Where are you putting your faith? Trust and rest assured that God will never leave you or forsake you.

Bro. Ruiz