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Class meets at 7:00 Wednesday night.
The group is led by Sis. Frankie Ramirez.

Children's Ministry News

We finished our final studies with our VBS material! We had a wonderful time digging deeper into God's Word and finding ways the lessons presented touched our own lives...must not forget, the music was an extreme hit!

This past Wednesday our lesson was titled "Eclipse" (it had nothing to do with a movie). One definition of the word means to be greater than. We discussed the problems that can affect us and how Jesus overcomes them. We also enjoyed our Back to School party; time to get back to the routine of class schedules but not necessarily back to old ways. We realized that we need to spend time with Jesus on a daily basis and that is why we are keeping a notebook entitled "Prayers to Jesus". We will write down our thoughts, our prayers, our concerns,...to Jesus. In December we will bring our notebooks and see that time spent with God is a gift! (You would add to our Christmas party by sharing your own "Prayers to Jesus" notes...it's inspiring to write prayer request and later see how God answered them or to write a thank you to God and watch it grow because you are focusing on the blessings His has placed in your life. So, please join us in December for this exciting event!)

We have chosen to go by the name "Hands and Feet". We want Jesus to work through us in serving others. We will start by collecting care packages for CBC students. "Christ Bringing Comfort" packages will be assembled by our class and be distributed by the BSM. Items that will be needed: soaps, deodorants, shampoos, toothpaste, canned food,...(as needs are revealed to us we will share them with you). [One need that won't fit into our "Christ Bringing Comfort" packages is the need for transportation to church...if you can provide rides for college students to attend church please let us know.]
We will begin a new 10 week series with a cowboy theme! Our motto: "Need answers? Ask God!" We will be discussing questions that everyone asks at some point in their life...Who am I? Does God care about me? What is God's plan for me? How can I be like Jesus? What do I do now? Our mini-vbs class will also have music, crafts, recreation, and snacks that relate to our theme...so saddle up for the ride! If you are interested in providing snacks a sign up list will be available soon.
We are excited about this new year and what God has in store for us! Thank you for your prayers and your support to our children's ministry, "Hands and Feet"!



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